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  • Cloud Services (Online)

  • Technology is now developing faster than ever before, and due to this, disk space cost and the available bandwidth and speed we have is huge compared to previous years. If we use this sensibly, it could be great for small business.

    More businesses are moving/migrating to an online platform. This has many advantages. All of which we can help/assist with.

    Many areas in which this can help are keeping our data safe, improving communication between office locations and giving a huge increase in potential advertising for your business. Also giving the possibility of flexible working hours for staff.

    Most of which can be externally and securely managed by us if required, with less frequent on-site disruption, all of which can be discussed.

    • Data Backup, Synchronization and File versioning
    • Private Business Social Media Communication & Discussions
    • Online Private Network to include staff User & Group permissions
    • Often no local Server hardware is required. This completely depends on the type and size of business, amount of data, level of security required and much more
    • External access to Calendars, Email, Contacts, Documents and more