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  • IT Consultancy Services

  • Often a business hasn't much or any idea of what state their IT equipment is in, what they have, whether it is secure, needs updating, is slowing down the productivity of their staff and more.

    This is where we come in. After discussion and time on-site making notes, asking many questions about your business we can write a report on the current state and our recommendations for moving forward. This will require cost due to the upgrading of legacy hardware to newer technologies to increase local bandwidth and include better features and increased security. Also newer technologies are less expensive and easier to manage and troubleshoot.

  • You might not think that the security of your office network is important. This is usually overlooked until it is compromised in some way. When a network is compromised, vital business data is often deleted, or in a worse case scenario, your data is stolen. We can analyse a network for any security weaknesses and provide a report detailing all the results, which includes the steps which can be taken to increase and lock down your network security therefore hopefully avoiding a security breach in the future.

  • Often a business may need to move location. This may be to budget, a change of focus or direction, or business expansion which can include an increase in workload or additional services you are selling. Any of which will require careful planning and possibly the purchasing of additional IT hardware and software licensing. 

  • We are Data Protection Registered meaning that in the event that we have to keep data, configuration details, or user credentials off-site, this information is kept secure. We using various methods of keeping this data safe.