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  • IT Maintenance Services

  • Take advantage of a System Health-Check with Bowtechnical. Use our preventative maintenance, with regular monthly or quarterly health checks on your systems which can identify, diagnose and resolve a problem before your system capability is compromised. The System Health-Check service would involve us using secure remote access to gain control of your Server (s) on your chosen month or quarterly plan. We would then perform checks on the systems to ensure reliability and stability.

  • There comes a time when IT hardware requires upgrading or replacing. There could be many reasons for this. For example a new operating system requires more powerful hardware or due to changing business needs or expansion.

    Hardware failure will occur at some point, we just don't know when and how much trouble or downtime it will cause to your business and staff. 

    We can provide our clients with new or replacement hardware and software, install it and support it. Using our years of experience, we make it our job to select the most suitable products for your business area and requirements.