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  • IT Training & Support

  • Training can involve many things. You may be a new computer user and would like help working with or designing Excel spreadsheets. You may be an more advanced user and would like to know more about what is going on on your local network or Internet connection.

    We can usually help but if not we will direct you to somebody who can.

  • Guidance on the use of Windows Operating Systems, along with hints and tips on ways of increasing the general system performance along with shortcuts to speed frequent tasks. Working with software such as the Microsoft Office applications, explorer file and folder management , editing or optimizing website graphics. Securing files and folders with permissions, passwords or encryption for emailing (PDF for example).

  • Many frequent daily tasks can be made easier or quicker to perform by using small software utilities or applications. These can be reasonably priced or sometimes even free! Basically, if you need a task or job doing and it is not one of the services we currently provide, we will guide you in the correct direction.